Pastor. Biju George & Family

We at Peniel Pentecostal Assembly, are happy to have Pastor Biju George and family among us as our Senior Pastor. Born and brought up in a christian family, Pastor George has been involved in christian ministries since his youth. He was involved in various outreach programs in various provinces of India. Pastor George brings rich knowledge and understanding of the Holy Bible and also several years of experience as a Pastor, Director of gospel musical team Hosanna Gospel Voice. He is an expository gospel preacher with prophetical ministry. Pastor George ministers among us along with his wife, Geetha and three children, daughter Gibina, sons Gibin and Justin.  

Pastor George and family share identical values, beliefs and visions of Peniel Pentecostal Assembly, Beaumont.

Pastor George would like to hear from you, and would be more than happy to pray for you: